With Simard Suspensions’ systems, you benefit from:

  • With Simard Suspensions’ roll-off truck systems, you benefit from:
  • Best off-road traction (AMS20AL3)
  • Reduced truck rolls
  • Anti-flat safety at all times on all 4 tires
  • Even wear of all parts regardless of payload
  • Optimized 32 000 kg payload thanks to a simplified system
  • Better payload balancing

Custom configurations for roll-off garbage trucks

Do you have a roll-off truck or a fleet that needs a custom configuration? Simard Suspensions’ flexible suspension and steering systems can be tailored to your needs and your market sector’s specific norms.

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Why choose Simard Suspensions?

As truck suspensions specialists, we work closely with major heavy truck manufacturers to deliver innovative solutions based on industry standards and road regulations.

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Improved comfort, stability and maneuverability

All of Simard Suspensions’ solutions for vocational trucks give you peace of mind in terms of performance and safety.

Increased productivity and payload capacity

Our products help you to keep your bottom line in check—for the long haul.

High-caliber engineering and technical services

Our engineering capacity and technical services ensure sophisticated development and fast delivery to maximize your fleet’s uptime.

Reduced maintenance and operational costs

All of our quality products are designed to keep your fleet running optimally—all while minimizing profit-gouging maintenance costs.


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Simard Suspensions’ suspension and steering systems are renowned for their safety, quality and durability. We work actively with OEM partners to design suspensions for roll-off trucks with original parts to maximize your equipment’s resale value.