International HX 620 Project

Twin steer conversions are only one part of Simard Suspensions’ know-how. Our engineers allow you to find custom-made solutions to achieve all your projects.

Our partners at Versalift, an aerial lift manufacturer, and Southwest International, and International trucks dealer, needed to increase the load capacity of this HX 620 while maximizing maneuverability and optimizing weight distribution.

After tens of hours of engineering, we opted for the installation of a front twin steer axle AMS40T2,

a pusher axle (axle 3) and a tag axle (axle 6). The truck was also equipped with an electro-hydraulic steer by wire system (SVSE) in order to obtain a better turning radius and a safer truck, especially in very tight turning situations, all while keeping all axles on the ground even when backing up.

This configuration created less stress on the chassis and suspensions as well as significantly reduced tires scrubbing.

Since this unit was equipped with an aerial lift system Versalift PHX-180-I for electrical power transmission towers maintenance, we added two Hydraulic All Wheel Drive EZ Trac axles (axles 1 and 6) to provide more traction in off-road conditions.

Versalift PHX-180-I demo:

Here is the truck exhibited at the #ICUEE2017: