Top reasons why you should consider a Simard instead of a factory twin steer suspension

This is a good question! Why should you buy a third-party tandem steer suspension while you are able to order one from your dealer?

First of all, let’s talk a little about history…

Simard Suspensions is a Canadian company and began its activities as a forge back in 1935. In the 70’s and 80’s, there were some heavy trucks equipped with twin steer axles, but there was no load distribution between them. Because of many accidents, the authorities decided to create a committee to find innovative solutions to avoid these dramatic situations. The president of Simard Suspensions was a member of that committee and had the idea of the tandem axle suspension allowing load distribution between axles.

So Simard Suspensions invented the equalized twin steer suspension system and filed the “tandem axle suspension for vehicle” patent in Canada and in the USA.

You may say: “Yes, but that was in the 90’s! What about today? Why should I choose your suspensions systems?”

You’re right, nowadays some trucks manufacturers offer their own twin steer suspensions. Let’s see what makes, a Simard the right choice.

First, we are a suspensions manufacturer; we are dedicated to offering the most innovative products available on the market. It is like going to a doctor; he or she may give you some common solutions but for special diseases, your are sent to a a specialist! And that is exactly what we are!

Some truck manufacturers offer the common 72″ front axle spacing…and that is it! That is a far cry from customizing a system for your unique needs.

The main purpose of a truck manufacturer is to sell you a truck and not a suspension system. Especially in the Class 8 truck market, manufacturers don’t have the time to address customers’ distinct needs when it comes to their vocational trucks!

Don’t get us wrong: standard suspension systems can do the job; however, is the 72″ axle spacing the best choice for your application? Will you get the best load distribution? And even if so, is it the best suspension system you can get for the truck you’re going to drive for years and years ? That is the question…and there are several answers we give to these questions in regards to our suspensions.

 AMS40T2 : Front twin steer suspension

In addition to the advantages of each particular product, working with Simard Suspensions offers you the following business benefits:

  • Tailor-made solutions for your needs:

You will be able to choose the right spread, ranging between 60″ to 150”.



  • Increased capacity and productivity:

Depending on your local bridge laws, you will increase your payload. Haul more and get more payback money!


  • Minimized maintenance and operation costs :

Our suspensions are designed to minimize the maintenance downtime.


  • Improved stability, control, comfort and safety:

With an optimized load share tandem suspension, trucks have increased stability and safety.

Your mixer truck drivers won’t drive a booster load anymore; that means no more roll-overs ! Keep your drivers and investment safe!


  • Unbeatable durability and reliability:

We design manufacture and install our proprietary suspensions systems, keeping tight control on all steps of the process, from raw materials to final inspections before delivery.


  • Maximized service life of tires and related parts:

Our engineers design suspensions in order to provide less stress on the chassis and related parts, and offer the best turning radius to maximize tire life. Spend less money on worn parts !


  • Reduced installation time:

Our manufacturing-installation processes are based on Toyota way philosophy; each step is set up to optimize the installation time and deliver the best quality. Our factory has multiple bays to offer shorter production lead times.

With Simard Suspensions, order your truck and get back on to your profitable jobs!


  • A high level of technical service:

Our teams are made up of exceptionally qualified specialists. If you need an answer, our service team is at your disposal. Your satisfaction is the most important goal for us. You are our top priority!

Simard Team

  • A thorough suspension traceability system:

We stand behind our products. If you have a Simard system, we have your truck in our database and are always able to provide parts regardless of age! Go to work with peace of mind!


  • Partnerships with truck manufacturers:

Simard doesn’t want to compete with truck manufacturers. We offer aftermarket capabilities and that’s the reason why Simard has developed turnkey solutions with many manufacturers. Our specifications are directly coded into their systems. You can order your truck from your dealer with Simard twin steer specifications in order to accelerate the installation of the suspension. Time is money! We want to get you on the road faster!

Manufacturer partnership

(photo: Freightliner booth / World of Concrete) : Press release

Twin-steer Simard suspension for Western Star 4700

Kenworth factory twin steer prep package

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