Technical sheet

Suspension type

Spring tridem front suspension

Load capacity

60000 lbs. (27216 kg)

Axle type

I-beam steer axle

Axle load capacity

20000 lbs. (9070 kg)

Axle spacing

54” to 104” (1372 mm to 2642 mm) (Note 1 & 2)


(16.5 X 6 / 16.5 X 7) S-Cam air, Auto slack adjuster (ABS)

Hub type

Hub pilot, Spoke

Wheel type (rims)

(9”, 12 ¼”, 13”) Steel or aluminum

Tire size

315/80R22.5 / 385/65R22.5 / 425/65R22.5 / 445/65R22.5


Mechanical, hydraulically assisted

Turning radius

Retains same radius as original equipment

Total weight

(Suspension, axle, wheels and tires) Approx .5070 lbs - 2300 kg (Note 3)

1. Depending on make and model of vehicle
2. Varies depending on chassis make/model and ATD / DPF option / location
3. Varies depending on front axle spacing

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Types of applications

Our AMS60TR spring tridem front suspension for heavy duty trucks is suitable for many applications, including:

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Simard Suspensions’ AMS60TR spring tridem front suspension for heavy trucks offers maximum robustness and durability for the most demanding, heavy work.