Simard twin steer front suspensions improves your performances

SIMARD SUSPENSIONS products suits all makes of trucks available in North and South America.

Look up our list of available twin steer suspensions and contact our sales representatives who will be glad to assist you with your project

AMS40T2 Simard Twin Steer Front Spring Suspension

Our front twin steer spring suspension provides the robustness needed for heavy work, the on-road comfort and reliability signed Simard. Lighter, this suspension gives you easy access to wear parts and allows you to reduce your maintenance costs. Offer yourself the best twin steer in the market while maximizing tirelife. Pay a choice!

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AMS20SLA4 Simard Steerable Lift Axle Suspension

For applications not requiring the maximum legal load capacity, our  custom made lift axle  suspension has been designed and manufactured by the Simard team and offers a ride quality that meets your expectations in all circumstances. The only steerable lift axle suspension on the market that is designed to withstand lateral forces while maximizing the life cycle of your tires as well reduce your fuel consumption.

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AMS40A - AMS20A Simard Front Air Twin steer Suspension

The front twin steer air suspension offers maximum comfort. Simard expertise offers a suspension of very high quality with a more accurate and secure steering system. In addition to allowing you the maximum legal load, this lightweight suspension gives you the maximum life cycle for your tires and suspension components. Indulge in the ultimate comfort, a Simard front tandem air suspension.  Available in 20000 lbs single axle version.

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AMS40TRP Simard Heavy Duty Spring Suspension

The tandem pivot suspension benefits from the Simard expertise for specialized trucks or specialized equipment. The EPA technologies require innovative solutions to enjoy all the benefits of a tandem suspension. This innovation thus offers all the quality of Simard steering geometry and expertise offering unequaled ride comfort.

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AMS46THD Simard Heavy Duty Front Twin Steer Suspension

Derived from the AMS40T2, the Heavy Duty Twin Steer Front Suspension AMS46THD is the answer to off-road applications requirements. The AMS46THD Suspension is highly recommended for trucks operating in quarries, mining or oil operations, which require the use of reinforced components. The technological advance of Simard Suspensions allows combining extreme ruggedness for maximum payload capacity, ultra-precise steering and a very safe driving.

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AMS60TR Simard Tridem Front Spring Suspension

Introduced to meet the needs of the concrete pump market, the AMS60TR Front Tridem Suspension offers the same advantages as tandem suspensions. This product distributes the load over three steering axles, offering a load capacity of 60000 lbs.

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AMSAR Air ride option

Available for most of our suspension models, this option allows installation of an air suspension system that offers users increased comfort. Ask about this option when you speak to one of our representatives.

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