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Simard Suspensions team of professionals strives to help you find the best solution for your needs. Besides our full range of suspensions, we can also modify heavy vehicles according to your specifications. Furthermore, we install equipment on truck chassis and offer replacement parts, all in line with our personalized warranty program. Learn about our services below and contact our sales department for more information

Chassis modifications

Our team can make wheelbase modifications according to your specifications. Based on your needs, we can also make the necessary modifications to answer your load-balancing requirements. Contact our sales representatives so we can advise you.

Configuration modifications

As authorized distributor of Marmon-Herrington products for Canada, we can modify the original configuration of your truck to meet your needs. Please contact our team who will help you complete your request based on industry standards.

The AWD EZ Trac™ hydraulic system gives your truck traction control that you need to go on-road and off-road. EZ Trac™ is an auxiliary hydraulic drive system that replaces your front steer axle, and is easily activated by a switch in the cabin. On off road situations EZ Trac™ is available on request, to increase traction and mobility. Back on the road, it is easily disabled for freewheeling at high speed. EZ Trac™ improves the drivability of your vehicle, and helps you work! With EZ Trac™ you can reduce fuel consumption, lower the center of gravity, and allow to engage and disengage the traction while moving along. Contact us to learn more about the EZ Trac™ product.

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