Not only do we install suspensions systems, we offer a wide variety of specialized equipment installation.

Simard Dump box

The team Simard meets your requirements for dump box installations. Whether for a regular or special project, we have a full range of boxes made of Hardox450. Choose your accessories and we will meet your needs. In partnership with Groupe Bibeau we are at your service to give you the best product on the market. Call us for a customized solution to meet your expectations.

Snow Removal

Our heavy vehicle modification center offers the renowned range of snow removal products by Everest. Made in Québec and offering excellent facilities, Simard offers a full line of snow removal products to meet your most complex requirements. In partnership with the Wausau-Everest, our team of experienced professionals work with you to install snow removal equipment on all brands of trucks. Contact our representative to support you in your planning to purchase equipment.

Concrete Mixer

Simard Suspensions offers the installation of London Machinery cement mixers. For more information about these products, contact London Machinery directly.

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Equipment Installation