Rear suspension

Heavy-truck rear suspension products that suit all makes available in North and South America.

Look up our list of available suspensions and contact our sales representatives who will be glad to assist you with your project. Our team will happily answer all of your questions regarding our different rear suspension for heavy-truck.


  • 69 000 Lbs mechanical tri-drive rear suspension
  • Load equalized
  • Enhanced stability and comfort


  • 75 000 lbs heavy duty mechanical tandem drive suspension
  • Off-road mobility


  • 92 000 lbs quad drive rear suspension
  • Built for severe off-road applications


  • 105 000 lbs heavy duty tri-drive suspension
  • Rugged design that deals with the most severe payload and off-road conditions.

suspension tridem mécanique RLS Aggrandir


  • 110 000 lbs heavy duty Hydraulic suspensions
  • Superior stability and comfort for high-speed off-road conditions
  • Auto levelling

Simard DTS hydraulic Suspension Aggrandir