SVSE – Simard Vehicle Systems Engineering

Simard Suspensions presents the ETS and DTS product line of electro-hydraulic steering and suspension systems (SVSE).

ETS steers trailer and truck rear axles providing exceptional maneuverability with the added benefits of reduced wear and tear on tires and several other chassis components, as well as increased productivity.

DTS offers the unparalleled performance of hydraulic suspension providing for superior suspension travel weight distribution, traction and stability that improves overall performance and safety of heavy vehicles. Designed and tested in the European market by VSE, these products offer innovative alternatives for specialized transport application. Both systems can be integrated to heavy duty truck or trailer chassis.


ETS for Trucks:

ETS is a flexible solution for trucks with multiple steered axles. The ETS system works completely independently; no energy is drawn from the steering for the front axle(s). With ETS you save space, weight and fuel while reducing tire wear. You gain manoeuvrability and stability. Moreover, it reduces lateral forces on the chassis and suspension. The system only steers when circumstances justify. Steering at a standstill is possible, and the steering response is very accurate. The system is also very maintenance-friendly.

ETS for Trailers:

With Electronic Trailer Steering, trailer axles are steered without any mechanical or hydraulic connection between the fifth wheel kingpin and axles. This simplifies chassis construction. A big advantage of the system is its low weight, due to the lack of turntables, cables and rods. Other plus points are the reduction of chassis height, improved stability, accurate steering response and low steering forces. ETS is a ‘plug-and-play’ system: Simard delivers a system locker that the trailer builder simply connects to the steered axle(s) and vehicle electronics. The system is virtually maintenance-free.

DTS for Trucks and Trailers:

The DTS suspension system replaces spring assemblies, air springs, shock absorbers and stabiliser rods and operates based on input from hydraulic cylinders that determine the driving height of the vehicle. Suspension is provided by nitrogen-filled accumulators. The result is a suspension system that actively responds to the changing demand for suspension. DTS provides optimal ride comfort, axle load distribution and stability in every situation. DTS also provides a number of additional functions that contribute to the effectiveness and performance of the vehicle. One example is transverse levelling, which allows the vehicle to be automatically levelled before tipping the load or off-loading a container.

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