Lee Roberts - Roberts Heavy Duty Towing - Lexington, KY

Before having a Simard twin steer in my fleet, I had a twin-steer from the factory. The Simard one is better as for the comfort of the ride and for the handling. On a big Rotator units like this, it’s very important! The alteration does not affect the dynamics of entering the cab at all. The factory one was very awkward to enter almost to the point of causing back problems. 

Lee Roberts Peterbilt wrecker truck

John Scheller - River States Truck & Trailer - La Crosse, WI

Simard has made it very easy to do business with them. From the first unit, they ask the right questions, and do a good job keeping sales people out of trouble." "We have had 50+ units with Simard conversions. We have had 0." "We do a lot of custom designs for our customers. Simard offers superior craftsmanship and the packages are high quality.

Freightliner 114SD crane truck

Jean-Marc Tardif - Tardif Diesel Ascot Corner

When I meet a customer who needs a twin steer truck, I know that only Simard Suspensions can get it done with the optimal load distribution, reliability and durability I’m looking for. With Simard’s reputation, I can rely on a dedicated team and a high level of service, expertise and technical knowledge. They have invented the twin-steer truck in Quebec and with the Air Ride AMS40A twin steer they have reinvented it. We may now have with the complete air ride Twin Steer the perfect configuration and offering my customer maximum ride comfort. For me and my customers, there is only one choice: Simard Suspensions.

12 roues western star tardiff diesel

Charles Fournier - Charles Fournier Camionnage Inc. - Montréal, Qc

In an article in 'La Voix du vrac' Mr. Fournier mentioned the exceptional quality of the twin-steer axle installed by Simard’s specialist in Baie-St-Paul. He recommends Simard to all his friends in the industry. He is also impressed by the quality of the service of this booming Quebec Company, withstanding its international reputation.

M. Fournier camion 12 roues

Mark Bilan - Maxim Truck & Trailer - Winnipeg, MB

In January 2014 Maxim Truck & Trailer placed an order with Simard Suspensions to install a second steer axle onto a new International Workstar. The sales representative at Simard was very helpful and asked for our truck specification to ensure we had all the necessary features for a smooth axle install. While the truck was on order, being built at the factory, Simard’s sales staff kept in contact with Maxim ensuring us that they would do all they could to ensure a quick turn around on the truck. When the factory order Workstar arrived at Simard in Quebec they quickly contacted us and informed us that the condition of the truck as well that the dimensions and layout of the truck were all sound. Simard’s production manager called Maxim and informed us of their time line for completion. We were very impressed with Simard as they even completed the install a week early. Maxim Truck & Trailer would not have any hesitation in using or recommending their service.

12 roues Simard International 7600 workstar