Simard Suspensions not only enable you to considerably increase your payload but also maximize driver comfort, safety and productivity. No matter what conditions your heavy trucks finds themselves in, you can count on Simard Suspensions’ products to tackle the job head on.

We also offer end-to-end heavy truck conversion and equipment installation services. Take advantage of our specialized teams build the heavy duty trucks you really need.


Simard Suspensions designs, manufactures and installs superior suspension and steering systems for various truck applications. We offer our products to the North and South American Market, specifically to all major truck manufacturers and their dealer network. Our mission is based on the values of Team work, Excellence and Commitment.

Our mission is to:

  • Produce superior quality products with guaranteed added value
  • Guarantee that all of our decisions are based on customer satisfaction
  • Respect our employees, customers and partners
  • Demonstrate integrity regarding the laws that govern the industry and our solutions
  • Maintain strong ties to our community and employees



The story of Simard Suspensions began nearly a century ago in 1935. It was then that Emmanuel Simard founded a forge that would stay in business for nearly five decades.

In 1983, Emmanuel left the company to his son, André-Marie. The forge gained new momentum thanks to André-Marie’s long-term vision. Through his own ingenuity, he obtained a patent for a spring tandem suspension. This innovative type of suspension maximized the capacity and load balancing of heavy trucks. Other patents for pneumatic and tridem suspensions quickly followed.


Thanks to its innovative heavy truck systems, Simard Suspensions quickly gained in popularity throughout Canada and North America.

In 2000, the company moved its assembly plant to a more spacious location, while keeping its roots in Baie-St-Paul. Thanks to the company’s reputation with Mack Trucks, production continued to increase and the company began to expand into South America.

In 2003, Simard Suspensions opened a new assembly plant in Stony Plain, Alberta, in order to be closer to its growing customer base in Western Canada.

Three years later, the company implemented a production system that included both a continuous improvement process and quality assurance program. Business continued to grow. In 2008, the main plant doubled in size.

Mr. André-Marie Simard: Founder


In 2009, André-Marie retired and entrepreneur David Tremblay became the new owner of the company. With its knowledge of electro-hydraulic technologies and reputation for carrying out conversions of all-wheel drive trucks, the company broadened its services even more.

In 2011, Simard Suspensions identified a huge market opportunity: it began designing and manufacturing heavy mining and industrial trucks under the name of Dramis International. With nearly 100 years of history and a variety of advanced technologies, Dramis International is renowned for offering vehicles with the most efficient cost per ton in the industry.

In late 2016, the Simard Suspensions expanded again to allow for the integration of new machinery that would permanently improve the quality of delivered parts.

Today’s global presence

Simard Suspensions is present across North and South America. The company is recognized by all Class 8 truck manufacturers as a specialist in specialized suspension and steering systems as well as custom heavy truck conversions.

Simard Suspensions continues to forge strong ties with manufacturers of highly specialized equipment. The company holds various agreements and partnerships with both American and Canadian suppliers. In addition, it has exclusive distribution agreements with several European companies.

Mr. David Tremblay: President

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