Simard Suspensions has revolutionized the way the suspension and steering systems of heavy trucks should be designed. Explore our customer testimonials and Simard Suspensions’ reviews to find out why we’re ahead of the pack when it comes to heavy-duty truck load distribution.

Mike Edge-Partington

Customer Applications Engineering for Western Star Trucks

Believe it or not, we, here at Western Star nation, we receive requests to spec to specific customer requests, on which we cannot always conquer. However, we will offer/guide customers to body builders who do have the capabilities to achieve these requests. So here’s a fine example.

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John Wilson

Aylmer, ON, Canada, Owner, Georges Wilson & Sons Excavating

John Wilson is the owner of Georges Wilson and Son Excavating and, as his father before him and his daughter today, John drives dump trucks since he is 18 years old. He can easily relate to your load transport needs and those of the trucking industry.

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Mark Bilan

Winnipeg, MB, Owner, Maxim Truck & Trailer

In January 2014 Maxim Truck & Trailer placed an order with “Simard Suspensions had to install a second steer axle onto a new International Workstar. The sales representative at Simard was very helpful and asked for our truck specification to ensure we had all the necessary features for a smooth axle install.

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Charles Fournier

Crosse, WI, Owner, Charles Fournier Camionnage Inc.

In an article in La Voix du vrac, Mr. Fournier mentioned the exceptional quality of the twin steer axle installed by Simard Suspensions’ specialists in Baie-St-Paul as well as the company’s customer service.

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Jean-Marc Tardif

Ascot Corner, Québec, Owner, Tardif Diesel

When I meet a customer who needs a twin steer truck, I know that only Simard Suspensions can get it done with the optimal load distribution, reliability and durability I’m looking for.

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John Scheller

Crosse, WI Owner, River States Truck & Trailer

Simard has made it very easy to do business with them. From the first unit, they ask the right questions, and do a good job keeping sales people out of trouble.

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Lee Roberts

Lexington, KY, Owner, Roberts Heavy Duty Towing

Before having a Simard twin steer in my fleet, I had a twin steer from the factory. The Simard one is better as for the comfort of the ride and for the handling.

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