On October 1st, Miller Industries unveiled its new flagship, the Century M100, in front of an astounded crowd made up from clients and partners, including Simard Suspensions.

Let’s go back on an evening surrounded by secrecy right until the unveiling.


For our team, it all starts at the end of July when we received a call from Joseph Keene, marketing director at Miller Industries. Joseph seemed very excited and told us « Hi guys! Miller Industries will host an event that will change the towing industry in October. As a longstanding partner, we would like you to attend… I can’t tell you anything, neither what or where, but it is going to be awesome! ».
Needless to say, we could not say no. Having piqued our interest, we tried to find out a bit more about what was brewing. All we knew was that our suspension would be exposed.

AMS40TP - Pivot Tandem

AMS40TP - tandem pivot


Learn more about the AMS40TP

Numerous Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks bound for Chattanooga go through our factory to have our suspension installed, mostly with the AMS40TP that allows a front spread ranging from 106 to 145 inches between the 1st and 2nd axle. Hard to know if this event was including an already modified truck.




Miller M100 Rotator


Finally, on October 1st, we all met at Chattanooga and went by chartered buses to a turbine manufacturing plant. Judging by the size of the building, we were wondering what kind of surprise Miller Industries had in store.


Miller Industries teams had thought big to host more than a 1000 guests, including all the rotator owners of the 4 previous years. Music band, local whisky tasting and a plentiful meal were offered.



Many trucks were exposed. Among them, 7 had our suspensions on, like our AMS40T2 on Kenworth T880 units as well as our AMS46THD on a C500 unit.

At last, at 7:30 PM, after a presentation of the project’s birth and evolution, the Century M100 was unveiled in a sound and light show.

Obviously, this is what everybody was waiting for. The Century M100 presented its capacities in 3 different scenarios. The notorious John Hawkins had the pleasure of detailing the incredible strengths of the Century M100.

Towing Hall of Fame - John Hawkins


By Simard Suspensions

By Miller Industries