Albert Einstein once said: ‘’Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.’’
And we can say, that Frank Lavoie knows a bit about truck suspensions!

From painter to regional sales manager

25 years at Simard Suspensions!

It was to help out ‘’Mr. Simard’’ as a part-time painter that Frank started his career at Simard Suspensions. 26 years later, he is still going strong.

Step by step, Frank went up the ladder in the company, getting involved in everything on the facility floor. First as a mechanic, he fixed his fair share of trucks whether they were paint jobs, general mechanic jobs or for ‘’electronic issues’’ before working on twin steer conversions by installing suspensions. Then, he went on to fold, to weld, and to install aluminum steps and fenders for several years. He took part in the conception of the alignment machines and procedures for twin steer trucks, a fundamental step of the process before the truck leaves the facility. He was at the head of a team including a dozen of people in charge of alignment, fenders fabrication, exhaust pipe modification and paint. Today, Frank shares his experience learned on the floor to support his colleagues as a regional sales manager for Québec and after-sales technical advisor.

Golden hearted mentor

Leucan – 2016 Shaved Head Challenge

Thanks to his acute knowledge of trucks, it is not uncommon that an engineer pays a visit to Frank in his office to validate a configuration, that a salesman calls him to ask about a twin steer conversion, or to educate a client on how to use our systems. Being one of the senior employees, his experience, his knowledge and his will for teamwork are known by all, making him an indisputable mentor by all his peers.

If his expertise is undeniable, we can say the same about his calm and his contagious happiness. No matter what kind of call he gets, he always answers clients with a smile, showing he is a Simard Suspensions guy down to his bones. His objective: ‘’ that they have an unforgettable experience doing business with us’’ insists Frank.

To conclude, if you need any advice on your twin steer, do not hesitate to get in touch with Frank, he will be more than happy to help you; and if, by any chance, you are a hunter or a fisherman, plan for some spare time because his cottage stories are worthwhile (but that will stay between you guys!)